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1 Year Anniversary & September 2018 Progress Report
Greetings Everyone

(There is a surprise waiting at the end, if you don't have time for this wall of text scroll to the bottom ;P)
Today marks the first year since we started on this journey. And what a journey it has been. On October 8th 2017, while scrolling trough reddit, some of you might remember seeing a post with the title “Would anyone play the series?”. It’s was posted on r/The100 by u/Eevolutionary, whom we now know under the name Darwin. Darwin like many before him wondered, how can I be a part of The100 without creating a super AI that destroys the world and leaves me stranded on a space station, just to die before the magical 97 years has gone. Life is just too short for that.
Scraping his plans for A.L.I.E3, Darwin looked to his own life for a more short term solution. As a vivid World of Warcraft and Arma3 gamer, creating a video game was surely the solution he had been looking for. Darwin knew that creating an online video game with the scale and depth of The100 would take a very long time, so he started out small. A mod for an existing video game, that would definitively cut development time in half.
So with his master plan, he went to Reddit to recruit the greatest mind available... or maybe just the ones that didn’t have anything better to-do. Lots of people joined Darwin in his quest, ideas flooded in from everywhere. And a lot of you original believers are still with us today, so thank you for sticking around this long. Also a big thanks to the people who helped out in the beginning but have unfortunately left us along the way. Nate, krapfeN, Rekter, SkyKiwi, Dec_117, OriginalDarwin, Fake Darwin 1 & Fake Darwin 2 may we meet again. 

Talking about yourself is always odd, but I guess we can't get around it. Most of you that has been with us for a while, probably know me better than you know Darwin. I joined the project on the first day and have had the role as lead developer ever since. When I joined the project I was living out of a van in Australia, so development was done with solar panels and a really old laptop. In the beginning it was a lot of fooling around, prototyping things and testing them in the hope that my laptop wouldn't burn down running a AAA game. Thousands upon thousands of lines of code where written, and If anyone has done any Arma modding you should know what a pain it is... Around december we did a progress review and talked about what is and isn't possible with our current setup. Sadly we came to the conclusion that our dream simply wasn't achievable using Arma 3. We made the hard decision to scrap everything but our ideas and start over. Not wanting to make the same mistake again, we started all the way from scratch using the Unity engine. This would take way longer, but we would be free to do everything we want, how we want it. If anyone is interested the original work on the Arma 3 mod can still be found on Github

[Image: DPAJHsNWAAI1nOc.jpg][Image: DO617WPXUAAVp5w.jpg]

[Image: unknown.png][Image: DO8daRAX0AAYwhO.jpg]

A new beginning
Starting from nothing is a whole new problem it itself. With such a huge project where does one even start? Doing any project takes a lot of planning, make sure everything fits together and having a gameplan for how to proceed. So without any of that, we jumped straight in. We knew we needed networking, a way for having a lot of people on the same server interacting with a living world. At the time a very new technology started making rounds promising the world, so we jumped on. SpatialOS is a server meshing technology theoretically allowing hundreds if not thousands of players to share the same game world. It also allows for full persistence, meaning if you drop a weapon in the forest, you can pick it up next week (assuming that nobody else found it first). We quickly got some kind of movement working, synchronized in-game time and made a authentication system so that players could signup for an account and login.  
 [Image: 6e33abu.png?width=1058&height=595] [Image: 54oV2Xu5Qy2sfom9ja21KQ.png]

The Game World
This is without a doubt the hardest part to get right. It has to be familiar to average fan of the show, but we have absolutely nothing to work out from. There is no map that doesn't contradict at least 4 others and there is a lot of areas that have never been explored or never been explained in what direction it actually is. We went from stitching satelite data for the filming location areas together, to manually sketch out fanmade maps and doing something completely custom. In the end we went with something that kinda mixes them all together I think we have come up with the best possible solution given what we had. Below you can see some screenshots of the map development from the beginning to now.

[Image: Map_WIP.png][Image: unknown.png][Image: image.png][Image: unknown.png] [Image: unknown.png][Image: Dropship.png?width=790&height=494][Image: fVFBjSL][Image: unknown.png][Image: DnOnBICX4AM-FOb.jpg][Image: DnOtIvmW4AIb9uz.jpg][Image: DnO1AvwX0AEKksm.jpg][Image: Dni2gmfWwAAjuxb.jpg][Image: DnuElOuXoAA9vH-.jpg][Image: DnzXF6jWsAEXz4S.jpg][Image: Dn-czS1XsAAnaUx.jpg]

Inventory System
The inventory system has also been trough a lot of changes, and yes its still not done yet... Its quite a complicated system and I'll have a whole separate post up on how it works when its done. But for now here are some screenshots of its progress. You can read a little bit about it in the June Progress Report

[Image: CharacterSheet_Badly_Injured.jpg][Image: unknown.png][Image: la2GrMH.gif][Image: unknown.png?width=790&height=445][Image: Inventory_WIP_2.png]

Game models
A lot of game models has been made for this game, some bought, some created with 3D generators but most made from scratch. Everything from weapons, to buildings, animals, food and characters has to be fully 3D modelled and most also animated. Here is a sneak peak on some of the stuff we got in-game. Remember that most of this stuff are still a work in progress.

[Image: unknown.png][Image: 511e5b0d6e8242eb3c870170593e6d89.png][Image: Untitled-1.png][Image: Dm6N6VvXcAIqfE8.jpg:large][Image: DnAJVI9X0AMaaoy.jpg][Image: DnOttpdXgAAoqrh.jpg:large][Image: Dn-czTAXsAA144P.jpg][Image: Grounder_1.png][Image: DXyFQMmWsAEavUO.jpg%3Alarge][Image: image.jpg][Image: unknown.png]

Of course we also made a few things, that might not make it into the game but was fun anyway Tongue
[Image: DlOflsRUcAAFhWt.jpg:large][Image: DlOeJHYV4AAH6mh.jpg]

Teaser Trailer
If you have stuck trough that wall of text and images, thank you :-) If you just scrolled down here to see the trailer, I hope you like it, so that you go back and read the rest. But without holding you back any longer here it is:

As always thanks to everyone following our progress and helping out here on the forums, on Discord, on Reddit and Twitter. We wouldn’t be making this project if it wasn’t for you guys.


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