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All known filming locations
Wanna help out with building the world, but don't know where to look for inspiration?

Here is a list of all filming locations that I know about, along with links for google maps to get some sweet satelite views of the areas.

Spur 7 Beach - Vancouver
Google Maps

This locations is seen a lot throughout the show, its a long river that comes out of a small dam.
It appears it the show: 
  • When they go looking for seaweed for Jaspers wound
  • When Clarke and Anja jump off the dam
  • When Octavia gets poisened 
  • Clarke tries to drown Roan
Reclaimed Gravel Pit - Vancouver
Google Maps
  • Supply Bunker where Clarke and Bellamy find the assault rifles
  • Dropship crash site, where the hijacked dropship explodes
  • Camp Jaha
  • Destroyed Ton-DC
  • War camp before the attack on Mount Weather
Spur 4 Bridge - Vancouver
Google Maps
  • The bridge where Clarke tries to have peace talks with Anja in season 1.
  • The bridge is later blown up.
Widgeon Valley National Wildlife Area
Google Maps
  • Mecha Station, where Aby and Kayne lands
First Peak
Google Maps
  • Mount Weather
Gillies Quarry
Google Maps
  • Bellamy and Company rescue a girl from a cliffside
  • Location of Factory Station 

  • Second Mount Weather Intrance

There is more known locations, I will post them when I have more time.
If you know some, post them in a comment below.

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