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How can I help?
Just reading about the project, can make all of this seem very complex and impossible. But don't worry you can do anything you want in life as long as you are willing to put in the work.

Building a project of this size requires a lot of planning and work. Everyone working on it is doing it as a side project and have normal lives and full-time jobs beside this. So even if you can only chip in an hour a week, its still very much appreciated.

But to figure out how you can help, you will have to ask yourself what do I want to help with?
Do you have any experience in coding, 3D or gamedesign? No? Well no problem, figure out what you want experience in and help us make this a reality. If everyone on the project had years of experience, they properly wanted to be paid  Big Grin

Where do we need help:

There is a lot of features that needs to be implemented, when building a game the size of an MMO.
Whether its backend stuff, gameplay mechanics or simply UI interactions, we have a lot of work to do. 
If you don't already have a bit of experience, look up some tutorials and get yourself comfortable with using C#.

Not everyone will have access to the full source code, what you mainly will be doing is prototyping.
Fire up a local version of Unity3D and prototype everything you can imagine. When you got something amazing post it in the coding section on the forum, and we will look into implementing it in the build or improving it based on community feedback.

We will have guides up on syntax, coding practices and more later on.

Game Design:
Not really an artists, nor an programming extraordinaire? But still have the creativity to make this project great. Game design is for you.
For every game mechanic or prototype, an idea has to be carefully designed and thought trough. Stuff like crafting, combat, an surviving all have lots of variables that needs to be carefully designed to fit into the game.

3D Modelling:
Are you a master (or want to be) in your favorite modelling software? Then we really need you. There is a huge amount of different models that needs to be made for the final game. Large things like: The Dropship, Mount Weather, The Polis Tower. But also smaller things like weapons, craft-able items, animals, player characters and so on.

You will work out from a huge list of 3D models that needs to be done (or maybe you have some great ideas of your own). You will post it in the 3D section on the forum and improve on the final model from community feedback, where after it will be implemented in the final game.


Ehh? I honestly don't know. Characters, animals and weapons will need to be animated. If you can do this you are to me a god.

You will work on existing 3D models (or maybe some of your own creations). You will post your work in the Animations sections and improve the final product based on community feedback. Where after it will be implemented in the final game.

* We need to setup a template skeleton for all our playable characters, before animating so we only have to do it once. More on this later.

Do you love drawing? Or placing boxes neatly to make up a user interface. Great! Menu's, in game UI and a ton of other stuff has to be drawn and implemented in the game. 

You will work from a list of stuff that needs to be drawn (or maybe some of your own ideas). You will post your work in the Artist section and improve the final product based on community feedback. 

At some point the game will be far along in development that we need to start some hardcore testing of it's functionality.
Here is where everyone can help out. You will be provided with a build of the game, that you will torture to its full extend. If something doesn't work you will post evidence of this in the 'Bugs' section, along with a way to reproduce the bug.

Community Management:
To build a project of this size we have to keep the spirit alive. Facebook & Twitter pages needs updates, spammers and trolls kept of the forums. And users with questions that has been answered a thousand times, has to be answered once again.

This is not a big role for now as we are still a very small community. But who knows, we might grow overnight.

I hope that clears up how you can help us make this project a reality. 
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to post them below.

- Stephano
Im a developer similar to you though not in this project. I can help you guys in Community Managment, Testing and a bit of Game Design. Im not a major programmer but i know a tiny bit.

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