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May 2018 Progress Report
Greetings Everyone

The Project is slowly moving forward. Currently we are not a lot of people working on it, so if you want to help our or know someone who wants to help, make sure to get in contact with me either here on the forums or on the discord, we need all the help we can get.

So what happened this month? Well Darwin is still MIA, which is why our twitter is so so silent, I got back from Australia and our favorite show was renewed for a sixth season! Okay but what happened on the project? For the most part its just building on features already talked about in lasts months report. Moving to the modular setup takes time. But we did get time to work on some other stuff as well.

Chat Systems 1.0
Okay, so we already have VoIP implemented in the game, but somethings are just easier explained in text or what happens if you break your microphone in the midst of battle and have to scream at someone to bring more Jobi nuts as your character is starting to walk in straight lines again? Of course it has other uses, such as getting in contact with moderators for help, OOC (Out of Character) chat and for server wide announcements. Currently the only implementation in-game is the proximity chat, as global chat needs a whole different setup to make sure its synchronized correctly. Currently the UI is very intrusive, so when we get some more designers on-board its up for a redesign. Of course the players usernames and clans will show up in the chat aswell Smile

[Image: llghLQo.gif] 

The Map
It has been a while since we did much work on the game world itself. So it got some love this month. It got its first texture pass, making sure that areas with water is rocks/sand and that hills/mountains have rock textures. There is still a lot to do with texturing but that will be more fine detail when the terrain is more polished. Stuff like roads, water crossings, rock formations and so on. We also did some tests to see how many tress we can have on the map showing at the same time without a mass frame drop. With GPU instancing the answer is 300.000+. We also did some testing with graphics, to see how far we could push it. 
 [Image: unknown.png][Image: Dropship.png?width=790&height=494][Image: Dropship2.png?width=790&height=492][Image: th2ilIc.gif]

Inventory Design
More work has also gone into the concept stages of the player inventory. It got a new more sleek and transparent look. Damage indicators for bleeding and broken bones has been added to individual body parts. Status indicators has been added to show if your player is sick, hungry, thirsty, bleeding and if your body temperature is abnormal. A window has also been added to show what the player currently has in-hand. As always feedback is much appreciated.
[Image: unknown.png?width=790&height=445]

Seriously? Do I really have to hear about the EU's new GDPR laws on here aswell? Yes, yes you do. 
To comply with new EU regulation, we have updated our privacy policy (Updated? Well we have created a new one) that has to be accepted when you register (If you already have an account on the forums you will be prompted to accept it on your next visit). If you where previously subscribed to any emailing list (not that we actually sent out any emails) you will have to subscribe to it again. Also you can now download or fully delete your personal data directly from the User Control Panel.
[Image: unknown.png]

As always thanks to everyone following our progress and helping out here on the forums, on Discord, on Reddit and Twitter. We wouldn’t be making this project if it wasn’t for you guys.

Good job! I cant wait...

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