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Creating content for Project Arkadia
Hi Everyone.

For all of you non-coders out there, I've been working on making our workflow a little more designer/artist friendly.
So what about to show you is an early implementation on that, and it will hopefully make it easier for some of you to contribute to the games development.
As always if you are in doubt about something, got questions or feedback just let me know Smile

What does 'content' contain
Okay, so this is not only for gameplay-programmers and artists. There is a large part of content creation, that's setting up new items, variables, balancing items and so on. Just having a cool weapon model, won't work unless the game knows that it is a weapon. Currently I have built workflows for the current items:
  • Simple Items (Items that have no real-use outside crafting)
  • Weapons:
    Currently there is 3 types of weapons; guns, melee and ranged weapons. Guns is things like pistols & rifles. Melee weapons is things like swords & knifes. Ranged weapons is things like bows, throwing spears and blow darts.
  • Consumable Items (Things like food and water, but could also be things like blood bags or medical herps)
  • Clothings (Jackets, pant, masks, shirts, gloves and also backpacks fits in this workflow)
I have more planned, and if you got any ideas please let me know.

Getting Started
Before you get started you need to setup a few things first.

1. You need to have access to the Github repository, to get access to that just message me here on the forums or on discord with the email/username you used to signup to github.
2. Github desktop application (or any version control application that supports git). 
3. Unity version 2017.3.0f3 (This version only!)

If you haven't used a git application before or Unity, I recommend you spent a few minutes getting comfortable with the controls.
Don't worry you won't have to use a console interface and you won't have to write any code.

Creating a new item
Okay, so you got the repository downloaded to your computer trough the github desktop application and you have fired up the project in Unity 2017.3.0f3

You will be greeted by this screen
[Image: lI9TNxEFT6KU4PPXrUHdPQ.png]

If it doesn't look exactly like this its okay. You can change your layout in the top right corner. Currently we are only interested in the right side panels.
To keep law and order, everything has its own folder. This means that we have to figure out what kind of item we want to create. From this point on I will assume that we are going to create a weapon, but the workflow is the same for all items.

First we find the correct folder. For weapons that folder will be Assets > Resources > Items > Weapons
There should already be a few example weapons in there.
[Image: 1tMrBCa5R4ekMZ-sxNwiOQ.png]

To create a new weapon, just right click inside the weapons folder and select Create > Item > Weapon > (And your desired weapon type)
[Image: YpmJrS1aRw6453pGvqxABw.png]

If you select your newly created item you should be greeted by this window on the right.
[Image: -K7iEr3GQhiRLS8-PhSGYQ.png]

Most of them is self-explanatory but I will quickly go trough them.
Name: This the name of the item, as it will be showed in the game

Stackable: Is the item stackable in the inventory? Can the player have multiple instances of the same item in a single inventory slot?
Max Items in stack: If yes, how many items can there be in a single slot?

Inventory Image: This is the image that will be showed in the players inventory, it has to be proportional to InvSizeX and InvSizeY.
So if InvSizeX is 3 and InvSizeY is 2 the proportions of the image has to be 3:2
Inv Size X: How many horizontal inventory slots does the item require
Inv Size Y: How many vertical inventory slots does the item require
Can be carried: Can the item be outside of a container? (This should be true for most larger weapons and clothing items)

GameObject: This is a reference to the item prefab, if you don't know what this is leave it blank.

Damage: How much damage does a player take on a perfect hit, can only be between 0-100
Range: The weapons range in meters (Between 0-800m)
Accuracy: The weapons accuracy in percent where 0 is all over the place and 100 is point on.
Reload Time: How long it takes too reload the weapon in seconds
Firemode: Is it a single, semi, burst or fully automatic weapon (Most weapons is single or semi)

Submit your changes:
That's it! You have created an item. If you are an artist you are ofcourse welcome to create the 3D model and textures for the item as well. But if not, you have one single thing left to do.

To submit your changes open up Github Desktop, and select 'Changes' in the top-left corner.
it should look something like this:
[Image: t2-HiD-sSBmAPSEFf2Koeg.png]

Make sure everything is selected, then write a small summary of what you have added or changed, and press "Commit to master".
This should bring you back to the "History" tab. Check that everything in your commit looks correct and press "Push to origin".
[Image: kVWhwvCwRyaFU9wXqHYYLg.png]
That's it your done! If you got any questions please let me now in the comments below or on our discord channel.


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