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March 2018 Progress Report
Hello? Anyone out there? 
If you are seeing this, it means that someone is actually reading these posts, thank you.

Its the end of March now, which means it time for another progress report. For those of you who don't know, the project is mainly being developed by one guy only, me. You guys feedback on discord is greatly appreciated, but if you wonder why progress is a bit to the slow side this is why. I have and will continue to put hard work into this project, but I'm currently living in a small van on the east coast of Australia. At the end of May I will return to somewhat normal living conditions, so the project should pickup some steam then. 

Well enough about me, lets go through the progress for the month of March. This months has been the month of art. Whenever I get frustrated with coding, I open up blender and do my best impression of a 3D artist. When this month started I wasn't planing on doing art at all, but here we are with a month of more art than code. But that's not so bad ehh.

Rover One:
First up on the list is the well known Rover One. When working on projects like this, where you don't really have a deadline and no specific order to go by you sometimes end up working on stuff that's supposedly way down the pipeline. This is the case for the Rover One. While having no real use case gameplay wise before we get Arkadia in-game, I really felt like making it. So here it is:
[Image: guEZSzF9Fv-7B4z-G28DwRBmzUqi7R4Mx-o68xm6...7a4a6c3c5a]

Clarkes Rifle & Octavia's Sword
One of the next features, I'm going to start working on for the game is combat. Therefor it would only make sense to get some weapons in game.
While Clarke's rifle won't be seen before Season 5 of The 100 airs, I have the feeling its going to be an iconic weapon and therefor more fitting to get in game than the more generic m4a1 rifles and hand guns. It still has far to go, but its not bad for a first iteration, made by a programmer doing art. 

Octavia's sword is one of the more generic weapons seen in the series, you don't really think about it, more than its a sword and she uses it to kill people in bad-ass ways. And that's pretty much its purpose in the game as well. One funny feature of the sword, is the extra handle located on the blade itself. Most likely used for twohanded blocking of attacks. It will be cool to se how we can incorporate that in the gameplay further on.
[Image: pFioV6S_meybLuKDff4uWK6DnlseToKmYdSLtVQi...7ea235d05d][Image: aaSpEURp3v-ejwe09KoRtTXJRVdRGtwdWGyP_muP...61acd5cf2b]

Mutated Deer
Animals, is going to be a big part of the game. You can hunt, skin them for clothing and eat the meat of different animals to stay alive in the harsh environment of post-apocalypse earth. One of the few, if not the only good thing about the pilot episode of the show, is the reveal that some animals look slightly different after surviving a nuclear apocalypse. Not all animals will look this way, but without the concept of freikdrenas some animals will. 
[Image: 27L8iBTwdl3qKg-EGOuuePzLuPtnRB69kLPd4mYR...dc9b98c1a0]

Last but not least, I've done some work on a grounder character. He's currently sporting a more civilian outfit, so no big war armor. But he does have a sword holder on the back and a knife holder on his left leg. He is still very much work in progress, but I needed a second character for when i start testing combat mechanics.
[Image: Grounder_1.png][Image: Grounder_2.png]

Okay that’s all the art for this month. But art is not everything we worked on this month. Some coding work has also been done on a quite tricky system, that’s essential to a lot of the gameplay. 

The Inventory System
Doing inventory management for a single player game can sometimes be tricky, different item types, durability, sizes and so on. Now do it for a large scale multiplayer game. Not that easy. I’ll have a separate lengthy post up on how the inventory systems work once it’s done, but here is short version. Like many games, the inventory uses a grid based system where items have different sizes and takes up x amount of slots. But you won’t just have one big inventory, every larger wearable like backpacks, pouches, pants and even jackets have item slots. This way players can customize their inventory setup by changing their current load out. Some wearables will only be able to carry a specific item type though, like a knife, sword or pistol holster. Currently we got some of the main functionality working. You can move items between different wearables, by dragging and dropping them and you can pickup items from the ground and add them to your inventory. But there is still a lot left to do. 
[Image: la2GrMH.gif]

Next up once the inventory system is done is combat. Getting swords, knifes, spears, bow, pistols and rifles working in game. This and the inventory will take up most of next month, so remember to check back for updates at the end of April.

As always thanks to everyone following our progress and helping out here on the forums, on Discord, on Reddit and Twitter. We wouldn’t be making this project if it wasn’t for you guys.


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