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February 2018 Progress Report
Hello Everyone!
Another month has gone and passed, which means its time for another progress report!

Starting where we left off last time, PlayFab our login system has been fully implemented and the login/signup system is fully functional. Yet there is still a lot to do with the player account system. Positions, inventories, outfits, clan, role, skills and all that needs to be saved, both when players logout but also overtime in case of a server crash. The groundwork has been done for inventories and will hopefully be fully functional next week. 
[Image: 54oV2Xu5Qy2sfom9ja21KQ.png]

We finished the first iteration of the locomotion system, including syncing animations over the network. Players can choose between using a 'Free motion' system orr a 'Strafing system' depending on preferred play style. Work has started on ladders and other climbable objects, but has currently been postponed in favor of other features.

Not a lot of work has been done on the game world, We are still working on locations and the layout of the map. As we want vegetation in the world to have use, we won't start populating the world before testing of that functionality has begun. This includes chopping down trees, forest fires, fishing, rock gathering and so on. Currently the world is about 145 square kilometers. Some work has been done on the dropship, but its still very much a work in progress.
[Image: unknown.png][Image: DWKXJLAX0AAoLy6.jpg][Image: dropship_render_2.png]

More work has also been done on the UI. All players will start with a notebook, for notes but it will also be the center of most of the player UI. While this is a subject to change, it currently looks something like this.
[Image: unknown.png]

On the networking side, we got all player motion and positioning fully synced across client using a server-authoritative model. Day and Night cycle has also been integrated and is fully synced across clients with the server keeping time. Exactly how long the Day/Night cycle is going to be has not been concluded.
[Image: 6e33abu.png?width=1058&height=595] 

Once again thanks to everyone working on and following this project as we continue to develop it. As always if you got any questions you are welcome to leave them in a comment below or send them to us on Twitter or discord


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