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January 2018 Progress Report
Greetings everyone.
The first month of 2018 is coming to a close, and I thought I would share our progress with you.

As you know, we choose to scratch the Arma 3 mod last year and start from scratch as a standalone project. This comes with both some perks and some problems. We got more flexibility, but we also have to solve some of the problems that was prior already solved.

Design & Concept art:
A lot of design work has been done this month, both here on our forums and on our discord channel. We have brainstormed everything from crafting & gathering system to how we control the players health and skill sets. A special thanks to Boy132 from the forums for all your great work with both your ideas an UI concept design. A concept for the main menu has also been made.
[Image: CharacterSheet_Badly_Injured.jpg][Image: M1OSnyObTIus3pZyLqxkPA.png][Image: FactionSelection.jpg][Image: SkillTree.jpg]

The map:
Building a representation of a world where no map exist is hard (well maps do exist, but they all contradict each other and contains mostly useless information). Yet through great design work from both Boy132 and Jordonius, our great terrain designer ThatRumme has already fleshed out a rough area for our first couple of releases. This includes the area for Mount Weather, Arkadia, The Dropship, the bridge, and space enough for some grounder villages. There is still a lot of detail work that needs to be done, and the world needs to be populated with trees, bushes, rocks and rivers. (ignore the distance numbers on the second image)
[Image: image.png][Image: unknown.png] 

Gameplay wise nothing much has been done. We have implemented our first character with a simple locomotion system. Some research has gone into how we are going todo weapons, but progress is limited as we need to get the backend systems up and running first. We also did some prototyping with horses
[Image: AI3KuKvdSt6Z8LOfBmSuGw.png][Image: unknown.png]

On the backend we nearly got full PlayFab integration. PlayFab is a 3rd party service to allows us easy access to player data and to securely authenticate users when they login. Building an online MMO player's privacy when it comes to sensitive information and passwords are a high priority, therefor we choose to use a 3rd party service rather than build something in house. PlayFab is very popular in the gamedev community and its security has so far showed to be up to standard. 

Personally I have been away for a good part of January, but the team working on the project has made some good progress. Thanks again for all your support and help in making this project a reality Smile

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