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Surviving & Gathering (+ UI)

This post is going to give some ideas about surviving, gathering and also a bit of the user interface.

A player got 4 important aspects to handle with: Hunger, thirst, his general body health (explained in my other post) and stamina.
You lose hunger and thirst over time and if you don't eat or drink you'll die. I think that's obvious and nothing to talk about. But what you eat or drink makes a big difference.
For example there are various types of water in the world: fresh water, salt water and contaminated water. Of course fresh water is the best possible water. However you could drink salt water or contaminated water. Salt water is not a good choice and will dehydrate you even more. If you drink contaminated water you may get ill or poisoned.
Of course, alcohol is also a choice. When you drink alcohol you get drunk and your screen starts to blur. You can also pass out or even die if you drink too much alcohol.
Now, what you eat is also important as mentioned earlier. One could either implement a advanced food system with calories, nutritional value and so on or make it like "if you eat this you will get -30 hunger". The second option is easier but I want to talk a bit about the first option. Rather than having a hunger value you have calories stored in your stomach. Each food has specific base calories values. If you eat only berries for 5 days for example their nutritional value decreases because you eat them to much. (base calories value of food * their nutritional value = calories you get, e.g. a berry gives you 10 base calories but their nutritional value isn't 1.0 but 0.8 so you would get 8 calories) So varied food also plays a big role.

Getting resources is a bit of a problem as the world has been set back technologically. So the player needs to gather sticks and small rocks from the ground, gather berries, hunt animals, search crashed Ark stations or loot old buildings. Especially the last two allow you to find technical components. Of course, there are various dangers such as reapers, bandits or fragile structures in these places. If you want to you could also become a bandit and rob other players or npcs. However, all actions require stamina. What brings us to the next part.

This may be the most important thing for surviving. You need stamina for almost every action. Gathering things, looting dead animals or bodys, search old chests or just running through a forrest: it all costs stamina. Perform attacks or block them requires stamina. To increase your stamina you need to level your constitution attribute.

Ingame Interface
To make survival a bit more interesting the player don't really know his characters hunger or thirst value. I would use a similiar system like the game Next Day: Survival. You just get a little notification that your character feels hungry, thirsty or exhausted. This creates a very clean and minimalist interface which ties you deeper into the game.
One could also use their ammo display. You can only see how much bullets are left in your magazine if you are shooting or if you press F and check the mag.
- Boy132
(most of the icons I use are from
interesting choice with having nearly no UI feedback for hunger/thirst. I know DayZ does it as well.

Also definitely a fan of using nutrition value for food, so players can't just stock up on a single easy to find food item. How would the nutrition value decrease? Just linearly every time you eat the same item? Does it have a limit and how would players reset a food items nutrition value?
(01-20-2018, 08:25 AM)Stephano Wrote: [...] How would the nutrition value decrease? Just linearly every time you eat the same item? Does it have a limit and how would players reset a food items nutrition value?
Yes, I would say linearly every time you eat the same food the nutrition value decreases. Every time you eat an other food the nutrition value increase again. Also there should be a limit. 1.0 is the normal value and I think ~ 0.2 should be the minimum. The exact value must be found later during testing.
- Boy132
(most of the icons I use are from

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