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Getting started with Unity3D and SpatialOS
Hi Everyone,

Whether you are new to working with Unity3D or have worked with the software before, working with SpatialOS for unity is a little bit different.

Okay, so you went and got the latest version of Unity from the Unity3D website. Great! Now go download it again... But this time get version 5.6.0
You can get older versions of unity from here:

Why are we using an old outdated version of Unity3D?

SpatialOS is still in beta, and hasn't been tested with all versions of the Unity software. While newer version may work, 5.6.0 is the last known fully stable and compatible version. Until we receive an official announcement from the SpatialOS developers, we will continue to use Unity 5.6.0

Sign up for SpatialOS.
To test out your work, you need to be signed up for a SpatialOS account. Don't worry this is totally free, and is a quick and easy process.
You can signup here:

Get the SpatialOS software setup on your machine.
Okay this is a bit tedious process, the guys over at improbable already have a guide on this so go here to get up and running:

Get familiar with the process and SpatialOS SDK.
Improbable has some great documentation and a fun little example project, to get you up to speed on how to develop for SpatialOS.
You can check it out here:

Thats it! You are now all set to prototype and work on ideas, that can be implemented in Project Arkadia!
If you got any questions, don't hesitate to post them below.


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