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[GUIDE] Terrain from satelite data
Hi everyone!

So you want to help out with the terrain! Great!
As we want the world to be as close to the show as possible, we are building areas after filming locations.
This means we can get real-life satelite data and use it in Unity3D.
But how do we do that?

1. If you haven't already, install Unity3D.
New to unity? Check out this thread -> (coming soon)

2. Find the area you want to build
There is a lot of areas that needs to be build to make the world of the 100.
Everything is build 1:1, so you have plenty of creative space.
If you don't already know which area you want to work on, take a look at this thread
It includes all known filming locations that we are using in the game.

3. Getting the heightmap data.
  • So you know the area you want to work on. Take a note of the name of the place or the coordinate in google maps,
    and head over to
  • In search for your place of choice.
  • Once you found it, you will need to set the heightmap radius, the control can be found in the right side and is "18km" by default.
    I recommend starting out with a smaller area, as 18km will give you are map of 18*18=324km2 (which is pretty much bigger than Dayz)
  • Once you got your are marked, press the save/download button and a .zip compressed folder will be downloaded to your computer.
  • uncompress the file and find the image with "merged" in the name.
4. Getting it into Unity
  • The heightmap image is by default 1081x1081px, but Unity uses 1024x1024px for heightmaps so we need to rescale it.
    You can do this in your favorite image editor (Photoshop, Gimp,, Paint, etc.)
  • Drag the new scaled file into your unity project->assets folder
  • Create a new terrain in unity by going to Gameobject -> 3D Object -> Terrain
  • Select your terrain in the hierarchy, and go to terrain settings
  • Set your terrain lenght and width to the same as your radius in (18km would be lenght:18000, Width:18000)
  • Set your terrain height to 2000
  • Download the attached "HeightMapFromTexture.js" script from the bottom of this post and import it into Unity.
  • Select your heightmap image in your project folder and and select "Terrain -> Heightmap from texture" in your toolbar.
5. Thats it! You now have a terrain from satelite data. Grab the manual editing tools and sculpt it to your hearts content.
I will get some images up at some point.


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