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Welcome to Project Arkadia!
Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in the postapocalyptic world of the CW's ''the 100'' and play it yourself? we sure as hell want to!

To answer some questions that you might have, see the FAQ below if you want to learn more about the project!.

What is Project Arkadia?: Well, its a work in progress right now, but the plan is to create the immersive, cruel and unforgiving world of CW's ''the 100'' and being able to play in it as yourself. The game is open world and currently being built on top of the Unity3D Engine.

Will you be able to choose clan?: Yes you will! we are planning on playing it out like the series from the beginning, wich means only Skaikru and Trikru. In later patches we will add Mountain Men, Azgeda and so on!.

How do i play this?: The game is still in very early development, so you can't play it just yet. When it releases you will just need a computer with reasonable gaming specs. 

When can we play?: There are no deadlines or dates right now, since this is an independant project, we do not work on it full time, so please be patient and remember that it takes time to deliver a good product.

What kind of Game Mode is this?: It will be a Multiplayer Survival/RP mode, wich means you will actually have to hunt for food and resources, maybe even fight other clans for it to survive. And we are in the world of CW's ''the 100'', so you have to roleplay that you are.

Will it be free to play?: Yes, this is a non-profit project that is made purely for the love of the show and will be free.

So strap into your Hazmat Suit and get ready to go on this journey with us!

Stay tuned for news, Development blogs and insight in the project.

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