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  Rover One
Posted by: Stephano - 03-08-2018, 05:27 AM - Forum: 3D - No Replies

Custom Jeep Wrangler, also known as Rover One.
Normally used by members of skaikru

[Image: image.jpg]

[Image: o6fTjIn.jpg?1]

  Clarke's Rifle
Posted by: Stephano - 03-08-2018, 05:19 AM - Forum: 3D - No Replies

Clarke's Rifle as seen in Season 5

[Image: u4539w9a4hk01.png]

[Image: Hcl2XG1.jpg]

  February 2018 Progress Report
Posted by: Stephano - 03-05-2018, 03:10 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Hello Everyone!
Another month has gone and passed, which means its time for another progress report!

Starting where we left off last time, PlayFab our login system has been fully implemented and the login/signup system is fully functional. Yet there is still a lot to do with the player account system. Positions, inventories, outfits, clan, role, skills and all that needs to be saved, both when players logout but also overtime in case of a server crash. The groundwork has been done for inventories and will hopefully be fully functional next week. 
[Image: 54oV2Xu5Qy2sfom9ja21KQ.png]

We finished the first iteration of the locomotion system, including syncing animations over the network. Players can choose between using a 'Free motion' system orr a 'Strafing system' depending on preferred play style. Work has started on ladders and other climbable objects, but has currently been postponed in favor of other features.

Not a lot of work has been done on the game world, We are still working on locations and the layout of the map. As we want vegetation in the world to have use, we won't start populating the world before testing of that functionality has begun. This includes chopping down trees, forest fires, fishing, rock gathering and so on. Currently the world is about 145 square kilometers. Some work has been done on the dropship, but its still very much a work in progress.
[Image: unknown.png][Image: DWKXJLAX0AAoLy6.jpg][Image: dropship_render_2.png]

More work has also been done on the UI. All players will start with a notebook, for notes but it will also be the center of most of the player UI. While this is a subject to change, it currently looks something like this.
[Image: unknown.png]

On the networking side, we got all player motion and positioning fully synced across client using a server-authoritative model. Day and Night cycle has also been integrated and is fully synced across clients with the server keeping time. Exactly how long the Day/Night cycle is going to be has not been concluded.
[Image: 6e33abu.png?width=1058&height=595] 

Once again thanks to everyone working on and following this project as we continue to develop it. As always if you got any questions you are welcome to leave them in a comment below or send them to us on Twitter or discord


  January 2018 Progress Report
Posted by: Stephano - 01-28-2018, 06:33 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (1)

Greetings everyone.
The first month of 2018 is coming to a close, and I thought I would share our progress with you.

As you know, we choose to scratch the Arma 3 mod last year and start from scratch as a standalone project. This comes with both some perks and some problems. We got more flexibility, but we also have to solve some of the problems that was prior already solved.

Design & Concept art:
A lot of design work has been done this month, both here on our forums and on our discord channel. We have brainstormed everything from crafting & gathering system to how we control the players health and skill sets. A special thanks to Boy132 from the forums for all your great work with both your ideas an UI concept design. A concept for the main menu has also been made.
[Image: CharacterSheet_Badly_Injured.jpg][Image: M1OSnyObTIus3pZyLqxkPA.png][Image: FactionSelection.jpg][Image: SkillTree.jpg]

The map:
Building a representation of a world where no map exist is hard (well maps do exist, but they all contradict each other and contains mostly useless information). Yet through great design work from both Boy132 and Jordonius, our great terrain designer ThatRumme has already fleshed out a rough area for our first couple of releases. This includes the area for Mount Weather, Arkadia, The Dropship, the bridge, and space enough for some grounder villages. There is still a lot of detail work that needs to be done, and the world needs to be populated with trees, bushes, rocks and rivers. (ignore the distance numbers on the second image)
[Image: image.png][Image: unknown.png] 

Gameplay wise nothing much has been done. We have implemented our first character with a simple locomotion system. Some research has gone into how we are going todo weapons, but progress is limited as we need to get the backend systems up and running first. We also did some prototyping with horses
[Image: AI3KuKvdSt6Z8LOfBmSuGw.png][Image: unknown.png]

On the backend we nearly got full PlayFab integration. PlayFab is a 3rd party service to allows us easy access to player data and to securely authenticate users when they login. Building an online MMO player's privacy when it comes to sensitive information and passwords are a high priority, therefor we choose to use a 3rd party service rather than build something in house. PlayFab is very popular in the gamedev community and its security has so far showed to be up to standard. 

Personally I have been away for a good part of January, but the team working on the project has made some good progress. Thanks again for all your support and help in making this project a reality Smile


  Surviving & Gathering (+ UI)
Posted by: Boy132 - 01-19-2018, 02:17 PM - Forum: Design - Replies (2)


This post is going to give some ideas about surviving, gathering and also a bit of the user interface.

A player got 4 important aspects to handle with: Hunger, thirst, his general body health (explained in my other post) and stamina.
You lose hunger and thirst over time and if you don't eat or drink you'll die. I think that's obvious and nothing to talk about. But what you eat or drink makes a big difference.
For example there are various types of water in the world: fresh water, salt water and contaminated water. Of course fresh water is the best possible water. However you could drink salt water or contaminated water. Salt water is not a good choice and will dehydrate you even more. If you drink contaminated water you may get ill or poisoned.
Of course, alcohol is also a choice. When you drink alcohol you get drunk and your screen starts to blur. You can also pass out or even die if you drink too much alcohol.
Now, what you eat is also important as mentioned earlier. One could either implement a advanced food system with calories, nutritional value and so on or make it like "if you eat this you will get -30 hunger". The second option is easier but I want to talk a bit about the first option. Rather than having a hunger value you have calories stored in your stomach. Each food has specific base calories values. If you eat only berries for 5 days for example their nutritional value decreases because you eat them to much. (base calories value of food * their nutritional value = calories you get, e.g. a berry gives you 10 base calories but their nutritional value isn't 1.0 but 0.8 so you would get 8 calories) So varied food also plays a big role.

Getting resources is a bit of a problem as the world has been set back technologically. So the player needs to gather sticks and small rocks from the ground, gather berries, hunt animals, search crashed Ark stations or loot old buildings. Especially the last two allow you to find technical components. Of course, there are various dangers such as reapers, bandits or fragile structures in these places. If you want to you could also become a bandit and rob other players or npcs. However, all actions require stamina. What brings us to the next part.

This may be the most important thing for surviving. You need stamina for almost every action. Gathering things, looting dead animals or bodys, search old chests or just running through a forrest: it all costs stamina. Perform attacks or block them requires stamina. To increase your stamina you need to level your constitution attribute.

Ingame Interface
To make survival a bit more interesting the player don't really know his characters hunger or thirst value. I would use a similiar system like the game Next Day: Survival. You just get a little notification that your character feels hungry, thirsty or exhausted. This creates a very clean and minimalist interface which ties you deeper into the game.
One could also use their ammo display. You can only see how much bullets are left in your magazine if you are shooting or if you press F and check the mag.

Wink Main Menu Work
Posted by: Skyfall106 - 01-16-2018, 11:09 AM - Forum: Design - Replies (8)

Hey I'm sky and I am fairly new around here but I decided to chip in and make a Main Menu. During the making we were having lots of problems with the UI so with the attached screenshot they do appear out of place. It is only a test and the background image is back from when Arma 3 was going to be used. The Design scheme is not final and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I wont go through all the settings behind the buttons and stuff unless you want me to but it does to some nifty things. Check attached screenshot and remember to post and feedback. REMEMBER THE UI WAS GLITCHED IN UNITY. THATS WHY THE PLACEMENTS ARE OFF!!!

[Image: 4MvfCt0.jpg]

Posted by: Stephano - 01-15-2018, 07:31 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Hi Everyone

To make it easier to follow progress, I have setup an official 'Roadmap' on trello. It can be found here: https://trello.com/b/8IDosPnk/roadmap
It's still a work in progress and I will update it when features gets completed, changed or added.


  Character, Health, Equipment (+ Inventory)
Posted by: Boy132 - 01-14-2018, 04:14 PM - Forum: Design - Replies (7)


In this post I want to give some ideas about a character menu, a equipment system with a simple inventory for the character and a health system.

[Image: CharacterSheet.jpg](The character sheet)
Let's start with the right side of the menu: here are mainly just information about the character. Nothing special. On the left side is the character health and equipment shown. The player can wear a head gear (like a helmet, a gas mask), a body gear (clothing, like a uniform or armor) and a backback. The backpack represents the inventory of the player. I would use a weight based inventory. So for example the standard backpack can carry 20 kg, the next one 30 kg and the best one 50 kg. (I don't know if these values are realistic at all Big Grin) I have no image yet but I think this is relatively easy.
Instead of having one health bar the body is divided in 6 parts. Each part can be damaged and healed:
[Image: CharacterSheet_Injured.jpg](Example of simple damage)
Now, this player got shot 3 times in 2 different parts. He managed to bandage his right arm but he still bleeds on the torso. Also the health of the right arm and the torso is lower.
[Image: CharacterSheet_Badly_Injured.jpg](Example of advanced damage)
As you can see now the player is in a very bad shape. He took a arrow to the left leg and the arrow is still in the leg. This decreases his movement speed. Also he got a bullet in the torso. He really needs a doctor now who removes the bullet. And the player took a graze on the head.
The player is dead if his head or torso has 0 health. I think if a arm or a leg gets 0 health the player need some sort of prosthesis.
Bone fractures are shown as simple as the bullets/ arrows are. (with a sweet icon)

  Factions & Reputation
Posted by: Boy132 - 01-13-2018, 08:14 PM - Forum: Design - Replies (7)


in this post I want to give some ideas about the factions and a reputation system.
I guess there will be only Trikru and Skaikru at the beginning. So i will mainly focus on them.
[Image: FactionSelection.jpg](My Idea of a basic faction selection screen)
As you can see each faction gives you different skill bonuses and also different reputations to other factions. A reputation with a faction can go from -100 (enemys) over 0 (neutral) to +100 (friendly). With certain actions you can get and lose reputation. For example if you help the Skaikru as a Trikru member (like Lincoln did) you will lose reputation to Trikru but gain some to Skaikru. Also, if your reputation to your faction is too low you will be kicked out.

Posted by: Stephano - 01-13-2018, 09:21 AM - Forum: Design - Replies (6)

Hey everyone.

As we are making a survival game, crafting will be a big part of the game. Unlike traditional MMO's there is no big shops, blacksmiths or tailors. We might have small grounders markets and trader posts, but that is not what we are going to discuss here!

To start working on actual implementing crafting in-game, we need to have an idea of what players should be able to craft, and how crafting should work. Should some crafting require special tools? Does the player need to be at a workbench? What about skills? Can everyone craft a radio or just players who have some kind of tech skill?

A list of items that could be craft-able (If you think i missed something let me know)
- Bandages
- Splints (for broken legs)
- Clothes
- Armor
- Ammunition (bullets and arrows)
- Improvised tools (scrapmetal knife, axe from wood and stone and so on)
- Improvised weapons (scrapmetal knife, bow and so on)
- Radio's
- Low impact grenades (like the ones used in last episode of S1)
- Horse saddle(and other accessories)
- Improvised tent (for acid rain and acid fog)
- Poison
- Different food items
- Torch

There is probably way more.