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  Oktober 2018 Progress Report
Posted by: Stephano - 10-30-2018, 02:09 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Greetings Everyone,

Last month we released our long awaited teaser trailer, and with long awaited I of course mean that it was planned about 2 weeks before releasing it. I hope everyone loved it as much as we did. We also did our annual year in review post along with the September progress update, detailing this time everything that happened since we started. We made a short post on reddit (where the whole project started), thanking the community for supporting us. The subreddit mods where not the biggest fans of it, so if you don't see us mentioned on there anymore it doesn't necessarily mean that the project died, just that we are not allowed to post about it. With the trailer release we also gained a whooping 22 new members on the discord, so welcome to everyone we hope you stick around for the journey.

Now giving it over to myself, for this months progress report.

Unity ECS and SpatialOS GDK
When working on a large game, the time comes at some point where one should consider freezing the current version of all the software and frameworks that your project depends upon. This ensures that API's or other functionality doesn't break when updating. This is not one of those times. Unity's ECS or Entity Component System has been in the works for quite a while and allows for some pretty big performance optimizations for large scale games, which Project Arkadia is. Currently we have only worked with the old MonoBehaviour system, which has been the standard in Unity for as long as I can remember. But ECS is really different and works in some magical ways that means that everything would have to be rewritten, relearned and pretty much put me back to zero on what I know about game programming. Fortunenattely the guys over at Unity Technologies have made whats called the Hybrid system (or something like that) allowing for both the use of ECS and the old MonoBehaviour, meaning that we could rather easily move our old logic to the new system. The reason we haven't done this earlier was because the SpatialOS SDK (our networking solution) didn't support Hybrid ECS or ECS at all, that all changed early this month when SpatialOS released their new GDK (Game Development Kit) that is build to fully support the extend of both pure and hybrid ECS. I'm not going to go into to much detail about ECS, but currently nearly all systems has been ported and are mostly working on the new system, some stuff has been scratched, but the benefit of the new system in the long run will more than make up for that.

New Character Controller
The character controller has gone trough its fair share of reworks, and it has now once again. I've always worked on the assumption that the game was to be played in 3rd person, which was clearly a mistake. In a poll on discord people clearly voted for the game to be played in first person, if they were given only the choice between 1st and 3rd person gameplay. As nothing is ever easy people of course wanted to be able to switch between playing from first or third person perspective. As this is a community project and the community has spoken the new character controller will have support for playing in both first and third person and the option to instantly switch between the 2 while playing.

In any game given the option to cheat, somebody absolutely will. For most games the solution is obvious, give the server absolute control. This is an option, send the input to the server calculate the movement and physics on the server and send the new location back, 30 or maybe 60 times every second. This adds huge costs both in needed bandwidth and processing power needed on the server. One of the most important optimization areas when developing this game will be keeping server cost down, getting the game into as many people's hands without overcharging them is important to us. Currently the anti-cheating system in place for movement lets the player have authority over itself, but the server remembers your last position a long with your last direction of movement and calculates whether or not the information you send could have been possible, if not it will snap you right back to where the last time the server saved a legitimate position change. 
[Image: anticheat.gif]

Character Creator
The character creator got some love this month as well. You are now able to actually equip clothing items and have them animate with your character. There is still quite a few kinks to figure out, like the skin clipping trough clothing and some items are not aligning probably. Once that is figured out, along with saving and spawning the new custom character into the game world, we can start grinding away on making wearable items. 

Our translation team now consists of 6 people (this does include both me and Darwin), and the game is currently planned to be translated into 7 different languages, including; Russian, German, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Hungarian and French. If you wan't to help translate the game into another language than the ones listed, come join on us discord.

Quite a few art assets was made this months, both concept art as well as in-game ready models.

Main Menu - Concept Art
Yet another main menu concept, and probably one of the most sleek looking so far. Its made by our very own Jenó over on discord (May his power-supply rest in piece).
It includes an easy way to login, read the latest news, access important settings as well as an option to change your language in-case you accidentally set it to one you can't understand.
[Image: DqC1TV4XQAEyNWk.jpg]

Shipping Containers?
Shipping Containers? Are we already making floatkru along with their huge platform? No, unfortunately we are not that far in development yet. The shipping container made by one of our new discord members 'Blommed'. Is one of many modular items that will be used to build grounder villages. Grounders builds their houses out of what ever they can get their hands on. This includes wood, scrap metal or whole shipping containers. 
[Image: unknown.png][Image: unknown.png]

The fantastic looking spear you see below, was also made by bloomed. And is one of many weapons to be included in the game.
[Image: Dpi7gRPW0AEXJba.jpg:large]

Dropship Rework
The Dropship is getting a much needed rework. The original model was made quickly to get something in-game and has been untouched for a very long time. Below you can see an early look at the exterior of the new Dropship model. Its made by JoshuaStilinski, another new member on Discord. So far its looks fantastic I can't wait to replace the in-game model with this one.
[Image: Dqqtm06WoAAWYaQ.jpg:large]

As always thanks to everyone following our progress and helping out here on the forums, on Discord, on Reddit and Twitter. We wouldn’t be making this project if it wasn’t for you guys.


  1 Year Anniversary & September 2018 Progress Report
Posted by: Stephano - 10-08-2018, 10:36 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Greetings Everyone

(There is a surprise waiting at the end, if you don't have time for this wall of text scroll to the bottom ;P)
Today marks the first year since we started on this journey. And what a journey it has been. On October 8th 2017, while scrolling trough reddit, some of you might remember seeing a post with the title “Would anyone play the series?”. It’s was posted on r/The100 by u/Eevolutionary, whom we now know under the name Darwin. Darwin like many before him wondered, how can I be a part of The100 without creating a super AI that destroys the world and leaves me stranded on a space station, just to die before the magical 97 years has gone. Life is just too short for that.
Scraping his plans for A.L.I.E3, Darwin looked to his own life for a more short term solution. As a vivid World of Warcraft and Arma3 gamer, creating a video game was surely the solution he had been looking for. Darwin knew that creating an online video game with the scale and depth of The100 would take a very long time, so he started out small. A mod for an existing video game, that would definitively cut development time in half.
So with his master plan, he went to Reddit to recruit the greatest mind available... or maybe just the ones that didn’t have anything better to-do. Lots of people joined Darwin in his quest, ideas flooded in from everywhere. And a lot of you original believers are still with us today, so thank you for sticking around this long. Also a big thanks to the people who helped out in the beginning but have unfortunately left us along the way. Nate, krapfeN, Rekter, SkyKiwi, Dec_117, OriginalDarwin, Fake Darwin 1 & Fake Darwin 2 may we meet again. 

Talking about yourself is always odd, but I guess we can't get around it. Most of you that has been with us for a while, probably know me better than you know Darwin. I joined the project on the first day and have had the role as lead developer ever since. When I joined the project I was living out of a van in Australia, so development was done with solar panels and a really old laptop. In the beginning it was a lot of fooling around, prototyping things and testing them in the hope that my laptop wouldn't burn down running a AAA game. Thousands upon thousands of lines of code where written, and If anyone has done any Arma modding you should know what a pain it is... Around december we did a progress review and talked about what is and isn't possible with our current setup. Sadly we came to the conclusion that our dream simply wasn't achievable using Arma 3. We made the hard decision to scrap everything but our ideas and start over. Not wanting to make the same mistake again, we started all the way from scratch using the Unity engine. This would take way longer, but we would be free to do everything we want, how we want it. If anyone is interested the original work on the Arma 3 mod can still be found on Github https://github.com/projectarkadiamodteam

[Image: DPAJHsNWAAI1nOc.jpg][Image: DO617WPXUAAVp5w.jpg]

[Image: unknown.png][Image: DO8daRAX0AAYwhO.jpg]

A new beginning
Starting from nothing is a whole new problem it itself. With such a huge project where does one even start? Doing any project takes a lot of planning, make sure everything fits together and having a gameplan for how to proceed. So without any of that, we jumped straight in. We knew we needed networking, a way for having a lot of people on the same server interacting with a living world. At the time a very new technology started making rounds promising the world, so we jumped on. SpatialOS is a server meshing technology theoretically allowing hundreds if not thousands of players to share the same game world. It also allows for full persistence, meaning if you drop a weapon in the forest, you can pick it up next week (assuming that nobody else found it first). We quickly got some kind of movement working, synchronized in-game time and made a authentication system so that players could signup for an account and login.  
 [Image: 6e33abu.png?width=1058&height=595] [Image: 54oV2Xu5Qy2sfom9ja21KQ.png]

The Game World
This is without a doubt the hardest part to get right. It has to be familiar to average fan of the show, but we have absolutely nothing to work out from. There is no map that doesn't contradict at least 4 others and there is a lot of areas that have never been explored or never been explained in what direction it actually is. We went from stitching satelite data for the filming location areas together, to manually sketch out fanmade maps and doing something completely custom. In the end we went with something that kinda mixes them all together I think we have come up with the best possible solution given what we had. Below you can see some screenshots of the map development from the beginning to now.

[Image: Map_WIP.png][Image: unknown.png][Image: image.png][Image: unknown.png] [Image: unknown.png][Image: Dropship.png?width=790&height=494][Image: fVFBjSL][Image: unknown.png][Image: DnOnBICX4AM-FOb.jpg][Image: DnOtIvmW4AIb9uz.jpg][Image: DnO1AvwX0AEKksm.jpg][Image: Dni2gmfWwAAjuxb.jpg][Image: DnuElOuXoAA9vH-.jpg][Image: DnzXF6jWsAEXz4S.jpg][Image: Dn-czS1XsAAnaUx.jpg]

Inventory System
The inventory system has also been trough a lot of changes, and yes its still not done yet... Its quite a complicated system and I'll have a whole separate post up on how it works when its done. But for now here are some screenshots of its progress. You can read a little bit about it in the June Progress Report

[Image: CharacterSheet_Badly_Injured.jpg][Image: unknown.png][Image: la2GrMH.gif][Image: unknown.png?width=790&height=445][Image: Inventory_WIP_2.png]

Game models
A lot of game models has been made for this game, some bought, some created with 3D generators but most made from scratch. Everything from weapons, to buildings, animals, food and characters has to be fully 3D modelled and most also animated. Here is a sneak peak on some of the stuff we got in-game. Remember that most of this stuff are still a work in progress.

[Image: unknown.png][Image: 511e5b0d6e8242eb3c870170593e6d89.png][Image: Untitled-1.png][Image: Dm6N6VvXcAIqfE8.jpg:large][Image: DnAJVI9X0AMaaoy.jpg][Image: DnOttpdXgAAoqrh.jpg:large][Image: Dn-czTAXsAA144P.jpg][Image: Grounder_1.png][Image: DXyFQMmWsAEavUO.jpg%3Alarge][Image: image.jpg][Image: unknown.png]

Of course we also made a few things, that might not make it into the game but was fun anyway Tongue
[Image: DlOflsRUcAAFhWt.jpg:large][Image: DlOeJHYV4AAH6mh.jpg]

Teaser Trailer
If you have stuck trough that wall of text and images, thank you :-) If you just scrolled down here to see the trailer, I hope you like it, so that you go back and read the rest. But without holding you back any longer here it is:

As always thanks to everyone following our progress and helping out here on the forums, on Discord, on Reddit and Twitter. We wouldn’t be making this project if it wasn’t for you guys.


Video Project Arkadia - Loading Flow Concept
Posted by: Aeronix - 09-24-2018, 10:26 AM - Forum: Artist - No Replies

I created a concept for something like a Loading Flow.For example when you open the game those loading screens that pass by showing the name,features etc.Have a look.I didn't have much time to create it but I wanted to show you guys.

The gif wasn't loading for some reason,so here's the link

  August 2018 Progress Report
Posted by: Skyfall106 - 09-05-2018, 01:47 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Hello Everybody!

As you can probably tell, I am not Stephano. Stephano has been very busy this month and because of that there has been very little development done on the game. He is currently struggling with moving to a new school, new apartment and having terrible internet. We wish him the best!

It has been a very busy month on the discord though. With a new reddit post courtesy of /u/itai1717 we have almost doubled the amount of members we had which is fantastic! Darwin, is still MIA but hopefully we will hear from him soon. Due to the large influx of people, we are creating some new roles for people, to allow for even more people helping with development such as coding, modelling, sound and more! People have been asking about a way of donating to the game. Currently there isn't one, there has been talks about Patreon but nothing solid yet. But you can contribute with your time and ideas as always.

Before we go into development progress lets go over some more formal boring stuff first. 

Community Moderators
Some of you may have noticed, but our discord server has grown to quite a large size. This means we may be subject to spam, harasment or worst of all spoilers. Therefor we have chosen to acquire some community 'moderators'. These people have been with us for a while and will make sure that our community is as great as it can possibly mean. This also means that their word is LAW! If they tell you to do or stop doing something, then do it. Doesn't matter if its not a written rule or that Stephano is not around. If you have any questions or concerns about our community moderators send him a PM here on the forums or on discord Smile

Current Moderators:

Without further ado, lets jump into some progress!

Character Creation
Trough the month, Stephano has done a little bit of work on the Character Creation Screen. This is nowhere near perfect but it is definitely a good start. Hopefully when the game releases we will have a quite a few players moving around the world, therefor its important that not everyone looks exactly the same. A character creator is a really hard feature to implement, especially in large online games and Project Arkadia is no different. When a player creates a new character, they will first choose a clan. In the first screenshot below you can see a work in progress of the Skaikru character creation screen. Different clans will have slightly different clothing and styling options, so you can pick-out which clan a player is from from their apparel. This doesn't change that you will still be able to change between clothing freely using the inventory system later on. All art and assets are either currently being worked on is a placeholder. Nothing is final as of yet. But let us know what you think :-)

[Image: REvjRmHVRNii_oO3Lu3JBA.png][Image: aQceVjs.jpg]

Loading Screen
Loading screen concept courtesy of Jenó and tatarubzcev on Discord. Animation was made by Stephano.
[Image: loading1.png][Image: loading2.jpg]

Totally didnt copy and paste this, I have no clue what I am doing.

As always thanks to everyone following our progress and helping out here on the forums, on Discord, on Reddit (Wait we got a reddit?) and Twitter (New twitter, as Darwin has the old one). We wouldn’t be making this project if it wasn’t for you guys (Or maybe we would, but it would be a lot less fun).

  July 2018 Progress Report
Posted by: Stephano - 07-31-2018, 05:28 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Greetings Everyone,

Yet another month, and yet another progress report. So what happened this month? Well, We finally found out what happened during the dark year (be aware of spoilers at the very end of this post). Darwin said hi again, and no I still don't have access to twitter... I also realized we haven't heard from SkyKiwi one of our earliest contributors, in a while. Much to my surprise he spends his time as a "Cha-Cha" dancing VR streamer, go say hi when he is live (and tell him we miss him). Sky went away for 10 days, giving us 10 days of much enjoyed silence  Sleepy  jk, I hope you had a great trip.

On more dev related news, we've had a new contributor join us on discord, thanks you for helping out Jenó. I'll showcase some of his work below.
But lets get started with what you came here for, pictures of unfinished features and half finished artwork.

Node based Behaviour Editor
In the endless fight for finding more devs for this project, so that I'm not alone I have developed and deployed yet another tool. Its based on the strategy pattern, and will hopefully make it easier to "quickly" prototype new features and balance existing ones. Down below you can see the tools being used for our character controller, changing between an normal moving state, to a aiming state. Hopefully going forward it will be used for much more.

[Image: unknown.png]

Terrain Work
The map... The overly extensive, way to big piece of land. I was working on some textures one day, when I found out our original terrain designer had the world setup as 12.000x12.000 meters (Looking at you ThatRumme). Not only is 12.000 not a power of 2, but he had left the Heightmap detail at a 1025 and the splatmap detail at 1024. Giving me 0 amount of detail when working on it (To be fair Unity has the worst terrain system in the world, when it comes to small details). Doing my frustration I irreversibly removed all textures, great right... Well its not good at this point so might aswell try to scale our heighmaps and splatmaps to their max values of 4096. This removes all, and I mean all Terrain data... But none the less I did manage to copy all the raw heightmap data to the new terrain that is 16384x16384 (which is a power of 2). With higher heightmap and splatmap details. Its still way to small, so we have to find a way to cut our large terrain into smaller pieces and some point in the future. 

The greybox (early layout) of Arkadia has begun, even though lots of other places are far from done, I wanted to work on Arkadia so I did. Most important is of course the ring, it has to stand tall above the tree lines, and while it doesn't look that big in the image, believe me its huuuge (In trumps voice). The lower part of Arkadia is standing 10 meters tall, then you can multiply upwards on your own. For now we are just going to work on getting the exterior looking good, before work on the interior layout can start. There is also a lot of work around Arkadia that has to be done. Everything from watchtowers, to the half metal-sheets half electric fence surrounding it. Of course the ring will get some more detail as well, but as it goes in gamedev, we have to watch our polygon count, so it won't look as crazy as in the show (but hopefully close).
[Image: unknown.png]

To be honest, when I started working on this I had no idea what we where going to use it for, and I'm still not a 100 percent sure. Originally I was thinking about the trailer. I wanted the establishing shot to be from space, The Ark and everything. So I started with the earth, then gave said earth an atmosphere. Then I touched off some nuclear bombs on the surface of said earth. So far so good, but then I realized how huge The Ark really is. Knowing I would never finish it, before starting work on something else, I settled for a single window. Going forward this will most likely be used for the Skaikru character creation screen, and for an establishing shot when we start shooting the trailer. It needs textures first of course Big Grin   

So the new guy I was talking about, Jenó. Jenó joined early in the month and wanted to chip in, thank you very much Jenó.
We are going to need a lot of weapons like swords, knifes, axes and military weapons for the game. Improvised craft-able weapons as well. 
On the first image we have a improvised knife, famously known for the only piece of evidence needed to frame John Murphey for murder back in year 2149.
Its made by bending a piece of scrap-metal to make a handle, and then sharpening the end by scraping it on a hard surface. In-game it will probably be more like a right-click and craft kinda process. The second image is an extendable stun-baton, while its really effective in stunning people in no armor it also has to be charged every once in a while.
Once again thanks Jenó, we hope you stay with us for the ride.
[Image: Untitled-1.png][Image: 511e5b0d6e8242eb3c870170593e6d89.png][Image: 567.png]

Cannibalism? (Spoilers ahead)
So how many of you thought that the Dark year was cannibalism? Does anyone beside me really crave Guava paste after that episode?
If cannibalism was in-game would you kill another player to save yourself from starvation? Find out in 2149, when the game is finally in alpha and fantasy hopefully won't be reality. 
[Image: unknown.png?width=789&height=444]

And for the part I always copy/paste:

As always thanks to everyone following our progress and helping out here on the forums, on Discord, on Reddit (Wait we got a reddit?) and Twitter (Why do I still say twitter? No password no tweets... Darwin please come back to us). We wouldn’t be making this project if it wasn’t for you guys (Or maybe we would, but it would be a lot less fun).


  June 2018 Progress Report
Posted by: Stephano - 06-29-2018, 12:43 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Taim na rid yu op! Ai nou get in chon emo sleng ai na lan op, nami? Nou get yu daun, ai na ste kamp raun Gonasleng.

So to all you Gonasleng (english) speakers out there, Hi Smile
Also to all of you who can read some Trigedasleng, if I got the top part all wrong, sorry.

Yet another months has passed by, where does time go? It feels like I was writing one of these just the other day. 
I recently got a new job (not on the project, but one of those jobs that pays my bills) which of course, has slowed progress yet again. Darwin is still MIA, with the only exception being a short conversation I had with him last week, but he is told to be returning soon! I've done a few twitch streams showing development on the project, with hopefully more to follow some time in the future. Also thanks to Sky our budget is now at a whole $1!! So...

Back on track, time has passed since the last one of these updates which means that some kind of progress has hopefully been made. So lets get started!

Upgraded to Unity 2018
SpatialOS finally got Unity 2018 support, therefor we spent some time to move the project from the old SpatialOS SDK to the new SpatialOS Unity SDK. 
We also upgraded all working projects to Unity 2018. While we are still in early in development its important we stay up to date. At some point we will reach a point where we no longer can do larger engine and sdk upgrades and will need to lock down our current versions. Therefor while we can we try to update as often as possible, while we still can. 

Inventory System
Again? Is it really not done yet? No its not, but its getting there!
I'm hoping to make the inventory flexible enough, not just to fit Project Arkadia, but pretty much any project. The current plan is to sell it on the unity asset store to fund the project (and fund my wallet as its a lot of work). 

The Inventory System is a whole mini-game in it self. Its grid and container based, so you can (if you want to) micro-manage how your inventory looks and where your items are. This has proven to be quite a challenge. Items takes up a specific amount of slots in both the x & y axis. Some items will be stack-able, but other than that no 2 items can take up the same slot. You are able to swap items around in your inventory, but you can't place an item if there is not enough space, but you can swap 2 items of different sizes given that both items are small enough to fit into their new slot. 
[Image: Inventory_WIP_2.png]

In your inventory items can only be stored inside of 'containers'. A container can be a backpack, clothing item, or a weapon holder (like a gun-holster or arrow quiver). You can't have more than 1 of the same container type (So no wearing 2 jackets and 8 pairs of pants). If you drop a container on the ground all items inside the container will be dropped as well. If you pickup a container from the ground, it will contain all the items that was previously inside of it. 

In the 'Vicinity' window, items around the player will be shown. If you move around the window will automatically update to hide items that are to far away or to show new items that are now within reach. You will also be able to see 'containers' and the items inside of them, so that you can ex. take food out of a backpack without taking the whole backpack. There is still a lot of work to be done.
[Image: 2018-06-11_22-20-09.gif]

On the map side, some time has been spent building and placing assets around the dropship, to try and get a feel for how it should look in the end. Its still very much a WIP

Works also went into the testing Mount weathers acid fog and how it spreads across the map. It is also a very early preview and was done to do performance testing. 
[Image: Xkaw6GN.gif]

You will be able to chop-down trees, gather sticks, farm lands and hunt animals in-game. Therefor its only fair that you should be able to pulverize large rocks with pulsing sound-waves, with what looks like the Eligius Mining Drill!
[Image: Mining_Laser.png]
..... Or maybe you won't be able to.

As always thanks to everyone following our progress and helping out here on the forums, on Discord, on Reddit and Twitter. We wouldn’t be making this project if it wasn’t for you guys.


  May 2018 Progress Report
Posted by: Stephano - 06-01-2018, 02:31 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (1)

Greetings Everyone

The Project is slowly moving forward. Currently we are not a lot of people working on it, so if you want to help our or know someone who wants to help, make sure to get in contact with me either here on the forums or on the discord, we need all the help we can get.

So what happened this month? Well Darwin is still MIA, which is why our twitter is so so silent, I got back from Australia and our favorite show was renewed for a sixth season! Okay but what happened on the project? For the most part its just building on features already talked about in lasts months report. Moving to the modular setup takes time. But we did get time to work on some other stuff as well.

Chat Systems 1.0
Okay, so we already have VoIP implemented in the game, but somethings are just easier explained in text or what happens if you break your microphone in the midst of battle and have to scream at someone to bring more Jobi nuts as your character is starting to walk in straight lines again? Of course it has other uses, such as getting in contact with moderators for help, OOC (Out of Character) chat and for server wide announcements. Currently the only implementation in-game is the proximity chat, as global chat needs a whole different setup to make sure its synchronized correctly. Currently the UI is very intrusive, so when we get some more designers on-board its up for a redesign. Of course the players usernames and clans will show up in the chat aswell Smile

[Image: llghLQo.gif] 

The Map
It has been a while since we did much work on the game world itself. So it got some love this month. It got its first texture pass, making sure that areas with water is rocks/sand and that hills/mountains have rock textures. There is still a lot to do with texturing but that will be more fine detail when the terrain is more polished. Stuff like roads, water crossings, rock formations and so on. We also did some tests to see how many tress we can have on the map showing at the same time without a mass frame drop. With GPU instancing the answer is 300.000+. We also did some testing with graphics, to see how far we could push it. 
 [Image: unknown.png][Image: Dropship.png?width=790&height=494][Image: Dropship2.png?width=790&height=492][Image: th2ilIc.gif]

Inventory Design
More work has also gone into the concept stages of the player inventory. It got a new more sleek and transparent look. Damage indicators for bleeding and broken bones has been added to individual body parts. Status indicators has been added to show if your player is sick, hungry, thirsty, bleeding and if your body temperature is abnormal. A window has also been added to show what the player currently has in-hand. As always feedback is much appreciated.
[Image: unknown.png?width=790&height=445]

Seriously? Do I really have to hear about the EU's new GDPR laws on here aswell? Yes, yes you do. 
To comply with new EU regulation, we have updated our privacy policy (Updated? Well we have created a new one) that has to be accepted when you register (If you already have an account on the forums you will be prompted to accept it on your next visit). If you where previously subscribed to any emailing list (not that we actually sent out any emails) you will have to subscribe to it again. Also you can now download or fully delete your personal data directly from the User Control Panel.
[Image: unknown.png]

As always thanks to everyone following our progress and helping out here on the forums, on Discord, on Reddit and Twitter. We wouldn’t be making this project if it wasn’t for you guys.


  April 2018 Progress Report
Posted by: Stephano - 04-28-2018, 03:25 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Greetings Everyone!

Before I start out this months progress report, I would like to remind everyone that this project is made in our free time and some things takes time to get right. Therefor all months can't have big leaps of progress, and unfortunately this is one of those months.

A lot of things happened outside of the project this month. Darwin went on vacation, I got a diving certificate, nearly flipped my car in the Australian outback and spent way to much time drinking while in Sydney this week. Also The 100 Season 5 premiere aired, how cool is that?! 

Well progress? There is none, see you all next month! No I'm kidding some stuff did happen. Last month I ended with saying Inventory systems and Combat was the main goal for this month, well I kinda regret that now, but whatever. Making a large scale game, as an inexperienced indie development team is not always straight forward and during development this month we ran into a problem that's gonna change how we do development from here on forward. We ran into what most programmers would call 'Dependency Hell', small changes started braking unrelated features and having every in-game system have hard references to each other means that no system can be tested on its own. To solve this we have started work on refactoring all existing code into a more modular setup. Having modular Systems that does one thing and one thing only, and then build the game by combining modules. I've never worked like this before, so its a learning experience, but hopefully one that's gonna leave us off better than before.
[Image: vlL1L8g.png]

The new item system
Our new item system is the first step in making everything more modular, but also a step towards making it easier for non-programmer to help with the project. I already wrote a post on it here. But to quickly summerize whats different between our old approach and our new one. Before our items list (weapons, food, clothes etc) was a long configuration file, where you would copy the last entry and edit it to fit the specification of your new item. This was clunky to work with to say the least, its hard adjusting values as everything has to recompile every time you change something and multiple people can't make changes to the configuration at the same time. Our new approach, for those of you who know Unity, is done with ScriptableObjects. This means that every item is its own file in the project. Adding new items is as easy as right-clicking and saying create>item>weapon. Designers can easily adjust values in a graphical inspector view and values can be changed and saved at runtime. The only downside is that we have to keep an up-to date item database all the time, but that is a small price for the simplicity we get with ScriptableObjects.
[Image: -K7iEr3GQhiRLS8-PhSGYQ.png]

Animal AI
Work has also started on some AI functionality. Not because having animal AI this early in development is important, but because the underlying systems that makes AI work is important. The one currently being worked on being FSM or Finite State Machine. State Machines is often used in games to develop simple but cost-effective artificial behavior to NPC's, but can also be used in many other ways. Example a simple light can be a state machine, having an off and an on state. Currently all the groundwork is done, enabling us to easily create state machines for different entities and sync them across the network. Unfortunately is still very much code based, and I'm planning on finding a way to make it work more like a flow-graph to easily let designers create and modify behavior of entities without touching any code.  
[Image: 0TFc3xZ.png]

Localization / Translation Support
Localization support is a feature I personally thought wouldn't make it into the game. We are a very small community wanting to play this game and therefor most spoken language in game would be english (or trigedasleng if you are really hardcore), but it was requested from the community to have support for multiple languages, so here it is. Fortunately a lot of work hasn't started on user interfaces, so it was a lot easier to add support for it. If we already had a lot of UI, time would have to be spent going backwards making sure everything works correctly. I'm not sure what initial languages we will ship with so more on than later (English, Danish, Swedish & Hungarian is planned for now). 
[Image: xSrhy98.gif]

As always thanks to everyone following our progress and helping out here on the forums, on Discord, on Reddit and Twitter. We wouldn’t be making this project if it wasn’t for you guys.

Side note, for you guys who follow us on twitter. We didn't stop using it, Darwin just never gave me the password when he went on vacation  Undecided


  Creating content for Project Arkadia
Posted by: Stephano - 04-01-2018, 06:48 AM - Forum: Getting Started - No Replies

Hi Everyone.

For all of you non-coders out there, I've been working on making our workflow a little more designer/artist friendly.
So what about to show you is an early implementation on that, and it will hopefully make it easier for some of you to contribute to the games development.
As always if you are in doubt about something, got questions or feedback just let me know Smile

What does 'content' contain
Okay, so this is not only for gameplay-programmers and artists. There is a large part of content creation, that's setting up new items, variables, balancing items and so on. Just having a cool weapon model, won't work unless the game knows that it is a weapon. Currently I have built workflows for the current items:

  • Simple Items (Items that have no real-use outside crafting)
  • Weapons:
    Currently there is 3 types of weapons; guns, melee and ranged weapons. Guns is things like pistols & rifles. Melee weapons is things like swords & knifes. Ranged weapons is things like bows, throwing spears and blow darts.
  • Consumable Items (Things like food and water, but could also be things like blood bags or medical herps)
  • Clothings (Jackets, pant, masks, shirts, gloves and also backpacks fits in this workflow)
I have more planned, and if you got any ideas please let me know.

Getting Started
Before you get started you need to setup a few things first.

1. You need to have access to the Github repository, to get access to that just message me here on the forums or on discord with the email/username you used to signup to github.
2. Github desktop application (or any version control application that supports git). 
3. Unity version 2017.3.0f3 (This version only!)

If you haven't used a git application before or Unity, I recommend you spent a few minutes getting comfortable with the controls.
Don't worry you won't have to use a console interface and you won't have to write any code.

Creating a new item
Okay, so you got the repository downloaded to your computer trough the github desktop application and you have fired up the project in Unity 2017.3.0f3

You will be greeted by this screen
[Image: lI9TNxEFT6KU4PPXrUHdPQ.png]

If it doesn't look exactly like this its okay. You can change your layout in the top right corner. Currently we are only interested in the right side panels.
To keep law and order, everything has its own folder. This means that we have to figure out what kind of item we want to create. From this point on I will assume that we are going to create a weapon, but the workflow is the same for all items.

First we find the correct folder. For weapons that folder will be Assets > Resources > Items > Weapons
There should already be a few example weapons in there.
[Image: 1tMrBCa5R4ekMZ-sxNwiOQ.png]

To create a new weapon, just right click inside the weapons folder and select Create > Item > Weapon > (And your desired weapon type)
[Image: YpmJrS1aRw6453pGvqxABw.png]

If you select your newly created item you should be greeted by this window on the right.
[Image: -K7iEr3GQhiRLS8-PhSGYQ.png]

Most of them is self-explanatory but I will quickly go trough them.
Name: This the name of the item, as it will be showed in the game

Stackable: Is the item stackable in the inventory? Can the player have multiple instances of the same item in a single inventory slot?
Max Items in stack: If yes, how many items can there be in a single slot?

Inventory Image: This is the image that will be showed in the players inventory, it has to be proportional to InvSizeX and InvSizeY.
So if InvSizeX is 3 and InvSizeY is 2 the proportions of the image has to be 3:2
Inv Size X: How many horizontal inventory slots does the item require
Inv Size Y: How many vertical inventory slots does the item require
Can be carried: Can the item be outside of a container? (This should be true for most larger weapons and clothing items)

GameObject: This is a reference to the item prefab, if you don't know what this is leave it blank.

Damage: How much damage does a player take on a perfect hit, can only be between 0-100
Range: The weapons range in meters (Between 0-800m)
Accuracy: The weapons accuracy in percent where 0 is all over the place and 100 is point on.
Reload Time: How long it takes too reload the weapon in seconds
Firemode: Is it a single, semi, burst or fully automatic weapon (Most weapons is single or semi)

Submit your changes:
That's it! You have created an item. If you are an artist you are ofcourse welcome to create the 3D model and textures for the item as well. But if not, you have one single thing left to do.

To submit your changes open up Github Desktop, and select 'Changes' in the top-left corner.
it should look something like this:
[Image: t2-HiD-sSBmAPSEFf2Koeg.png]

Make sure everything is selected, then write a small summary of what you have added or changed, and press "Commit to master".
This should bring you back to the "History" tab. Check that everything in your commit looks correct and press "Push to origin".
[Image: kVWhwvCwRyaFU9wXqHYYLg.png]
That's it your done! If you got any questions please let me now in the comments below or on our discord channel.


  March 2018 Progress Report
Posted by: Stephano - 03-27-2018, 09:13 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Hello? Anyone out there? 
If you are seeing this, it means that someone is actually reading these posts, thank you.

Its the end of March now, which means it time for another progress report. For those of you who don't know, the project is mainly being developed by one guy only, me. You guys feedback on discord is greatly appreciated, but if you wonder why progress is a bit to the slow side this is why. I have and will continue to put hard work into this project, but I'm currently living in a small van on the east coast of Australia. At the end of May I will return to somewhat normal living conditions, so the project should pickup some steam then. 

Well enough about me, lets go through the progress for the month of March. This months has been the month of art. Whenever I get frustrated with coding, I open up blender and do my best impression of a 3D artist. When this month started I wasn't planing on doing art at all, but here we are with a month of more art than code. But that's not so bad ehh.

Rover One:
First up on the list is the well known Rover One. When working on projects like this, where you don't really have a deadline and no specific order to go by you sometimes end up working on stuff that's supposedly way down the pipeline. This is the case for the Rover One. While having no real use case gameplay wise before we get Arkadia in-game, I really felt like making it. So here it is:
[Image: guEZSzF9Fv-7B4z-G28DwRBmzUqi7R4Mx-o68xm6...7a4a6c3c5a]

Clarkes Rifle & Octavia's Sword
One of the next features, I'm going to start working on for the game is combat. Therefor it would only make sense to get some weapons in game.
While Clarke's rifle won't be seen before Season 5 of The 100 airs, I have the feeling its going to be an iconic weapon and therefor more fitting to get in game than the more generic m4a1 rifles and hand guns. It still has far to go, but its not bad for a first iteration, made by a programmer doing art. 

Octavia's sword is one of the more generic weapons seen in the series, you don't really think about it, more than its a sword and she uses it to kill people in bad-ass ways. And that's pretty much its purpose in the game as well. One funny feature of the sword, is the extra handle located on the blade itself. Most likely used for twohanded blocking of attacks. It will be cool to se how we can incorporate that in the gameplay further on.
[Image: pFioV6S_meybLuKDff4uWK6DnlseToKmYdSLtVQi...7ea235d05d][Image: aaSpEURp3v-ejwe09KoRtTXJRVdRGtwdWGyP_muP...61acd5cf2b]

Mutated Deer
Animals, is going to be a big part of the game. You can hunt, skin them for clothing and eat the meat of different animals to stay alive in the harsh environment of post-apocalypse earth. One of the few, if not the only good thing about the pilot episode of the show, is the reveal that some animals look slightly different after surviving a nuclear apocalypse. Not all animals will look this way, but without the concept of freikdrenas some animals will. 
[Image: 27L8iBTwdl3qKg-EGOuuePzLuPtnRB69kLPd4mYR...dc9b98c1a0]

Last but not least, I've done some work on a grounder character. He's currently sporting a more civilian outfit, so no big war armor. But he does have a sword holder on the back and a knife holder on his left leg. He is still very much work in progress, but I needed a second character for when i start testing combat mechanics.
[Image: Grounder_1.png][Image: Grounder_2.png]

Okay that’s all the art for this month. But art is not everything we worked on this month. Some coding work has also been done on a quite tricky system, that’s essential to a lot of the gameplay. 

The Inventory System
Doing inventory management for a single player game can sometimes be tricky, different item types, durability, sizes and so on. Now do it for a large scale multiplayer game. Not that easy. I’ll have a separate lengthy post up on how the inventory systems work once it’s done, but here is short version. Like many games, the inventory uses a grid based system where items have different sizes and takes up x amount of slots. But you won’t just have one big inventory, every larger wearable like backpacks, pouches, pants and even jackets have item slots. This way players can customize their inventory setup by changing their current load out. Some wearables will only be able to carry a specific item type though, like a knife, sword or pistol holster. Currently we got some of the main functionality working. You can move items between different wearables, by dragging and dropping them and you can pickup items from the ground and add them to your inventory. But there is still a lot left to do. 
[Image: la2GrMH.gif]

Next up once the inventory system is done is combat. Getting swords, knifes, spears, bow, pistols and rifles working in game. This and the inventory will take up most of next month, so remember to check back for updates at the end of April.

As always thanks to everyone following our progress and helping out here on the forums, on Discord, on Reddit and Twitter. We wouldn’t be making this project if it wasn’t for you guys.